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Atmospheric Corrosion Specialists Inc. (Acs): Experts In Pipeline Maintenance And Corrosion Prevention

Top 10 Corrosion Services Companies - 2022

Corrosion is the destructive attack of a metal by chemical or electrochemical reaction with its environment. It’s called “anti-metallurgy” because it tends to bring the metals back to their state of being in nature, mixed with other elements (especially with O2). Deterioration by physical causes is not called corrosion, but erosion, galling, or wear. There are different types of corrosion: uniform, pitting, crevice, intergranular, galvanic, etc., and are related to different sectors: infrastructure, utilities, production, manufacturing and transportation. These costs reached 2.5 trillion US$ corresponding to 3.4% of Global Gross Domestic Product. The Nace International Institute has estimated that the application of techniques for preventing corrosion can save 375-875 billion US$ (15- 35% of the total cost).

Corrosion is widespread in oil and gas refining; indeed, refining processes works at high level of pressure and temperature. In addition, due to harmful fluids, specific corrosions (sulfidic corrosion, naphthenic acid corrosion, sour water corrosion etc.) are related.

The European Commission’s report on “Corrosion Related Accidents in Petroleum Refineries” highlights that the most sensitive equipment, in the 99 refineries analyzed, is the distillation unit (23% of failures) followed by hydro treatments equipment (20%); 17% of failures occurred in the pipeline for transport between units, 4% in tubes of heat exchanger and cooling equipment, 15% took place in storage tanks, whereas the rest involved other equipment component like trays, drums and towers.

Controlling the impact of corrosion requires designers and engineers to consider the effects at stage 1 of the design process. Working with material scientists and maintenance specialists will ensures that equipment parts work throughout the entire service lifecycle.

As we take better care of the assets that we protect and the environment in which they are contained, we also consider the scientific advancements and research development in the raw materials that the earth has already provided for us.

We present to you, “Top 10 Corrosion Services Providers – 2022.”

    Top Corrosion Services Companies

  • Atmospheric Corrosion Specialists (ACS) is a Virginia-based, woman-owned and operated anti-corrosion expert. The company has been helping pipeline networks, especially in the natural gas industry, overcome the effects of atmospheric corrosion for 16 years and counting. With detailed knowledge in pipeline hardware—metallic and non-metallic—and the coating products available in today's natural gas industry, ACS serves a range of large utilities on the East Coast, including Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Florida.

  • Eurofins EAG Laboratories delivers multi-disciplinary, problem-solving expertise to help its customers accelerate innovation, ensure quality and safety, and protect intellectual property. EAG has multiple labs across the globe that work in unison to solve some of the toughest manufacturing and compliance-related challenges. The company’s Los Angeles division focuses on litigation support services, electronic component analysis, and manufacturing support services. EAG’s corrosion analysis service is geared toward tackling litigation issues pertaining to product liability, patent infringement, and insurance claims.

  • An industrial coating and corrosion control that helps protect equipment and assets from harsh day-to-day working conditions

  • Park Derochie is Canada’s premier specialty-trade industrial contractor in all forms of Industrial Coatings, Fireproofing, Mechanical Insulation, Scaffolding, Abrasive Blasting, Containment, and Maintenance Programs.

  • TUF-BAR develops and produces Fiberglass Rebar and accessories. TUF-BAR Fiberglass rebar is a stronger and lighter alternative to conventional steel rebar. It is ¼ the weight of steel, superior in tensile strength, non-magnetic, and non-conductive rebar that has a life cycle of 100+ years.

  • The company offers a global-first solution for ailing concrete instability due to chemical corrosion.

  • Bass Engineering

    Bass Engineering

    Bass Engineering is a world class provider of cathodic protection services and materials to a variety of industries

  • Coating Industries, Inc.

    Coating Industries, Inc.

    Coating Industries provides corrosion protection coating, glass flake linings, structural steel enamels, and specialized coating services

  • Hentzen Coatings

    Hentzen Coatings

    Hentzen Coatings offers primers, topcoats, aerosol touch-up kits, and specialty products. Hentzen Coatings serves the aerospace, defense, and general industrial markets

  • Trenton Corporation

    Trenton Corporation

    Trenton products provide effective, long-lasting anti-corrosion protection for its resources