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Peter Gosling, Managing Director, Japan System PlanningPeter Gosling, Managing Director
The bustling City of London has something of interest to offer everyone: from archaeological Museums, Magnificent Palaces, to the World-famous London Eye, visitors are never out of options. However, while the beautiful Museums and Palaces continue to delight both the visitors and residents alike, behind the scenes, maintaining such monumental architectures requires great effort. Such was the case of the iconic British Museum. One of the most famed museums in London with a history of 260 years, the British Museum’s central heating pipework system encountered a major problem with sludge deposited over time and was in danger of contaminating the art objects with colored water due to pin holes occurring due to internal corrosion. The Museum Management was in dire need of a solution that would protect the pipes and resolve the problem efficiently. That’s where Japan System Planning came into the picture. Founded as an anti-corrosion device manufacturer in 1988, the company, through its World Wide unique NMR Pipetector technology, fixed the pin hole issues and water leakages while proving life-long maintenance free protection for the pipes. For the complete protection of all the central heating pipework, one NMR PT 250-DS Pipetector was installed. The Fe-ion content in the water before the NMR installation was 20mg/l, which was reduced to 12.2mg/l in one week; and five weeks after the installation, it was confirmed that the Fe-ion content in the water was down to just 0.2mg/l.

Since its inception, Japan System Planning has documented many success stories and continues to provide its clients with its innovative anti-corrosion device that can completely eliminate all internal corrosion-related issues inside water pipes. Today, the company has reached stellar heights of success with more than 4,100 successful NMR Pipetector installations in the World, including various famous historic buildings in London.

Dr. Katsuyuki Kumano, President

At the helm of it all is Dr. Katsuyuki Kumano, President of Japan System Planning Co successfully steering the company toward success. Being the scientist who developed the revolutionary NMR Pipetector technology, Dr. Kumano has changed the way the industry had been trying to deal with internal corrosion issues, specifically in central heating and chilled water pipework systems. As a solution, the Pipetector converts existing internal red rust (iron Hydroxide) to black rust (magnetite ) and extends the life of water pipes for at least 40 years. Peter Gosling Managing Director for Japan System Planning UK, asserts, “The environmentally-friendly NMR Pipetector does not require any electrical connections or chemicals, and eradicates internal corrosion in pipes along with single-cell bacteria.“ It also prevents electrolysis from occurring between dissimilar metals and is completely maintenance-free throughout its lifetime of 40 years.

The environmentally-friendly NMR Pipetector does not require any electrical connections or chemicals to eradicate internal corrosion in pipes along with single-cell bacteria

Japan System Planning is now looking to introduce the NMR Pipetector to the USA Facilities and Maintenance markets including Europe. The company will continue to provide society with high-quality technology for the benefit of the environment worldwide.
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Japan System Planning

Japan System Planning

Shibuya, Tokyo

Peter Gosling, Managing Director and Dr. Katsuyuki Kumano, President

Japan System Planning provides an innovative anti-corrosion device to completely prevent corrosion inside any pipework system