Top 10 Corrosion Consulting/Service Companies - 2020
Cortec Global Services (CGSI): Competency on Demand to Manage Preservation

Top 10 Corrosion Consulting/Service Companies - 2020

The effects of corrosion in our daily lives are both direct and indirect. Corrosion affects the useful service lives of our possessions along with producers and suppliers of goods. As a result, with the arrival of digitalization, innovative technologies have found their way into a wide range of products and application fields in order to ensure robust and more secure protection against corrosion. Notably, the invention of high-performance anti-corrosion coating materials and procedures that can withstand harsh environmental conditions has given the manufacturers a sure-shot way of protecting their products.

Anti-corrosive packaging is another upcoming trend, especially in the manufacturing sector. This rising demand has led to serious competition among the packaging companies as they are coming up with the latest improvements in the market. Another latest trend in the packaging world is the use of intercept technology. Intercept technology is a technological breakthrough into corrosion/static protection, where Copper molecules have been chemically bonded to a polymer matrix, effectively creating a sacrificial anode out of the plastic and copper Intercept material itself. At the same time, there are plethora of other technologies and innovation that have permeated the manufacturing industry.

At this juncture, the Manufacturing Technology Insights’ editorial board has assessed and shortlisted the companies offering pioneering anticorrosion solutions along with consultation services in the industry to help organizations mitigate various filtration challenges effectively and affordably. Led by teams of experienced industry professionals, these organizations provide best-in-class anticorrosion services to leverage in multiple sectors and help in the deliver better quality products. This listing gives a comprehensive understanding of solutions that can be implemented to bolster and optimize your existing business processes.

We present to you Manufacturing Technology Insights’ “Top 10 Corrosion Solution Providers – 2020,” and “Top 10 Corrosion Consulting/Service Companies – 2020.”

    Top Corrosion Consulting/Service Companies

  • Cortec Global Services (CGSI), a corrosion and preservation specialist is made up of a special blend of individuals who harness their multidimensional skills to drive desired outcomes for clients within the cost, engineering, and commissioning constraints of projects. CGSI augments its intricate knowledge of corrosion equipment with other core competencies. The company can maintain equipment, dismantle and rebuild them, apply techniques to optimize technology and provide everything else needed to preserve equipment in a corrosive environment. Presently, CGSI is operational in 14 countries, where it provides competency on demand to project owners, EPC firms, contractors, local agents, and even Cortec product distributors.

  • IXS Coatings provides customizable solutions that leverage proprietary chemistry and cutting-edge technologies to help customers achieve their unique coating objectives. The impenetrable barrier formed by protective coatings is a cost-effective method to protect and prolong the lifecycle of a customer’s assets. IXS Coatings was formed through a merger between two global leaders in advanced industrial and manufacturing protective coatings—LINE-X and Ultimate Linings. Through a combined portfolio, customers have access to proprietary coatings ranging from high-pressure polyureas and cartridge systems to specialty formulations developed for fire resistance, thin-build applications, portable water storage, chemical resistance, and ultraviolet stability among others

  • E&P Services Group

    E&P Services Group

    E&P provides technical field support on all oil and gas projects, including a NACE Level II senior internal corrosion technologist. The business cleans, services, and maintains dry transmission lines, gathering lines, crude oil, dry/wet gas, and produced water lines. E&P Services Group focuses on the day to day customer’s needs using paramount practice and methods within the oil and gas production industry (transport, processes, and internal corrosion programs), including control assessment, monitoring, mitigation, and others. They monitor and perform data analysis utilizing reliability tools and processes to identify areas of improvement. E&P presents a high level of technical expertise and problem-solving for complex corrosion control issues and offers programs to increase oil production recovery

  • Chemtool Incorporated

    Chemtool Incorporated

    Chemtool Incorporated is a leading manufacturer, technical innovator, and supplier of specialty lubricants for oil marketers and OEMs throughout the world. The enterprise’s systems and operations focus on driving out complexity in the customers’ supply chain, improving their products, and growing their business. The technologies and services they provide are solutions to problems that will enhance performance, extend service life, provide process improvements, and reduce the overall cost of running the facility. The vision of Chemtool Incorporated is to become the preeminent specialty lubricants, grease, and functional fluids solution provider to the global marketplace

  • EnviroChem Services

    EnviroChem Services

    EnviroChem Services has provided the oil and gas industry with chemical solutions designed for the most challenging environments since 1995. Since its inception, the business has been focused on the unique chemical treatment needs of the oil and gas industry. The company was founded in response to a major oil and gas producer’s inability to find effective, cost-efficient corrosion inhibition treatment program. Since then, EnviroChem has expanded both its markets and product line to serve the needs of the petroleum industry better while maintaining the focus on customized products and services. EnviroChem’s product line includes chemical treatments in both concentrated and diluted field-strength version. Domestically, the enterprise primarily provides intermediate products to the service industry

  • JDH Corrosion Consultants

    JDH Corrosion Consultants

    JDH Corrosion Consultants is an engineering company specializing in providing corrosion consulting services to clients in the fields of water and wastewater treatment and transmission, storage tanks, bridges, pier, piling and other off-shore marine structures, mining and minerals, aerospace, petroleum refining and distribution, electric power generation, and more. The company specializes in conducting condition assessments, providing corrosion failure analysis, selection of materials for corrosive environments, cathodic protection design and engineering maintenance, stray current analysis, conducting corrosion research projects, selection, and specification of protective coatings systems, failure analysis of protective coatings, construction inspection services and expert witness consulting in litigations

  • Lake Superior Consulting

    Lake Superior Consulting

    Lake Superior Consulting is a comprehensive engineering consulting company with an industry-wide reputation for providing the very best in services to clients in the energy infrastructure industry. The company’s team of professionals specializes in a broad spectrum of service areas, including integrated engineering services, integrity management, corrosion control, and operational support services related to the energy infrastructure industry. Lake Superior Consulting also provides for a wide range of energy-related needs of various municipalities and heavy industries such as mining, electrical power generation, and paper manufacturing. The company ensures that its client’s requirements are clearly understood and precisely delivered–every time

  • Neptune Chemical Corporation

    Neptune Chemical Corporation

    Neptune Chemical Corporation is a developer and marketer of specialty chemicals designed to mitigate all forms of corrosion in upstream and midstream operations. The company has created the Vulcan treatment program, which includes multiple chemical technologies that inhibit corrosion, prevent scale, and mitigate bacterial contamination. Neptune Chemical continually strives to innovate, perfect, and simplify everything they do so the customer can experience a platform easy to implement and execute. Neptune's mission is to continually innovate and make commercially available innovative energy services, chemical technologies, and application methodologies that beneficially serve its customers

  • Plasma Ruggedized Solutions

    Plasma Ruggedized Solutions

    Plasma Ruggedized Solutions (PRS) is a diversified global leader in the engineered application of advanced conformal coatings, potting/encapsulation, and Parylene coating services. With locations in San Jose and Huntington Beach, California PRS features more than 35,000 square feet of manufacturing space. The company holds numerous independent and customer certifications, including AS9100, ISO9001, COMSEC, ITAR, and RoHS. PRS provides engineering and manufacturing services to virtually every industry that requires electrical and mechanical systems to operate in harsh or challenging environments. Plasma Ruggedized Solutions presents unique and proprietary approaches to ruggedizing electrical and mechanical products

  • Tiodize


    Tiodize is an advanced technology company specializing in the development, manufacture and application of products for the prevention of friction, wear, and corrosion. The company’s products are utilized in an increasingly broad spectrum of industries, including aerospace, automotive, marine, and electronics. Any application that involves lubrication for friction and wear or corrosion barriers for galling and corrosion can benefit from Tiodize technology. Tiodize has even developed a line of non-hazardous cleaners and lubricants for the sports, consumer, and racing markets. The company is continually anticipating the needs of today’s advanced applications, and it continues to expand its vast array of products, many of which are featured here on its website